A Texas October

It’s October. A month known for gorgeous fall colors and cool, crisp, sunshiny days. – Here in north Texas, it will be a cool 92°. A month for crackling fires in a firepit, roasting marshmallows and telling tales. In October, we break out the plaid sherpa blankets and the plaid, flannel shirts. – Nope, still wearing shorts and flip flops. We light fragrant candles that add warmth to our lingering evenings. It’s the coziest of months. All filled up with scent and ever changing color. – In mid-November, our leaves will change from green to brown and become an overwhelming pile of chores.

October is the month of apples in all their amazing varieties of glory. Peeled and sliced in pies and breads, in warmed cakes and cobblers, and brand new mason jars. Or sticky and sweet, carmel covered and rolled in nuts on a thin wooden dowel. – Still way too hot for baking here. Maybe next month.

October gives us pumpkins worthy to be carved and painted and stacked on our front porches. Miniature ones decorate our table tops. Pumpkin spiced lattes fill sturdy paper cups. Pumpkin pies await that perfect dollop of whipped cream. And little ones cannot wait to dress up as princesses or princess warriors, as wild west cowboys or Dallas Cowboys, so their magic, plastic pumpkin can be filled with tooth decaying candy. – But not from my house because the dog goes hysterical if anyone rings the doorbell.

We love October for the state fairs where you find roasted corn dripping with butter and scribbly funnel cakes topped with powdered sugar. We love it for hot chocolate served at high school football games where the homecoming mums are as big as Texas. – So BIG y’all! For hay rides, Oktoberfest (- yay for beer!), and for trips to the crafts stores as we prepare for the holidays to come.

And of course, we love October for baseball! For the Boys of October swinging for the fences as they battle for the right to play in the World Series. Ace pitchers and base stealers and amazing grabs in the outfield. Watching our favorite players doing what they do best while we snack on peanuts and Crackerjack.

October is the time of the year to appreciate our surroundings, to see the vibrant colors, to taste the comforting flavors. To slow down a little bit before we rush headlong into an often commercially driven chaos. And while here in Texas, we may not experience a complete fall season, October still brings us all the bright imaginings of hearth and home. 

*Photo of Homecoming mum, courtesy of Rene’ Natali’-Diebold and Marty Crisler Frank who spend hours making these beauties.

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